Cartoon Relay News!

Tuesday, 15th August 2017


Are you going to be a published author?

We have some exciting news here at The Station. The Cartoon Relay, which has been running all summer in The Shop, is going to be published into a book! This means that every child who has contributed to this fantastic adventure will become a published author!

"Two months ago, we started the Cartoon Relay and invited you all to tell a story one 'cell' at a time, in a pictorial diary of our wonderful customers' imaginations. We haven't been disappointed! The adventure began with Spidy, who has now gone on holiday to be replaced by an evil fairy, singing flowers and ghostly sculptures! Thank you to everyone who has added to this twisting tale of intrigue and mystery!" Sue, Retail Co-ordinator.

The book will be available to browse in The Shop in time for our tenth birthday celebrations in November.

Congratulations to all participants!