The Daily Walk

Saturday 5th June - Wednesday 16th June 2021


An exhibition in The Artisan by Lorna Hazelwood.

Lorna describes her work as the following:

My paintings are my love letters to the countryside around me. Everywhere I look, I notice the shapes, lines, colours and patterns that make up the natural world; seeing potential paintings everywhere.

The Yorkshire countryside never fails to inspire me; from the huge moorland landscapes on my doorstep to the tiny minutia of mosses and lichens found deep in the woods- it takes my breath away. Above all others, though, is my love of trees and this is a continuing theme throughout my work.

Working intuitively, I build up texture and depth through layers of paint and mark-making. I have a vocabulary of marks using pens, pencils, graphite, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel and sgraffito. Acrylic paint is applied with dynamic brushstrokes, rags and even hands, then rubbed away in places to reveal the layers underneath. Compositions are made of layers of colour, bold brushstrokes that hint at the forms that inspired them, delicate drips of translucent paint, wandering lines and an ever-evolving language of marks that emerge in the sketching process. All combine together to create work that is energetic, evocative and deeply rooted in nature.

The Daily Walk:

This exhibition is a collection of work from the past year. A year that has been like no other and that has been so impactful on all of us in a myriad of ways. One such impact being, the ‘daily walk’. This simple habit of getting outside each day when so many other things are denied becomes disproportionately precious and a timely reminder of the beauty right on our doorstep.

As with all my work, these paintings are deeply rooted in nature and the countryside around me. My work is primarily abstract and portrays the feelings and sensory experience of being outside and surrounded by nature at different times of the year. I am a great believer in the premise that there is no bad weather and only the wrong clothes (as my children will testify!) and so we get out for walks all year round in all weathers. This collection of paintings is evocative of the changing seasons, weather conditions and the subtle colour palettes that stem from this.

I hope people will make connections with my work by recognising the sensory experience of being outside, in nature, in Yorkshire. At a time when we were all out for our ‘daily walk’ I hope we noticed a little more of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us be it the trees, wildflowers, clouds or birds, it’s all worth noticing.

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