The Beautiful North - Sarah Drought and Jane Spink

Friday 13th May - Wednesday 25th May 2022


Mezzanine Gallery

Two artists exploration of the true beauty of the North-eastern landscape

Sarah Drought:

Sarah trained at Loughborough University and has a First-Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art specialising in painting. She also has 15 years of teaching experience, working with Art college students in the North of England.

Sarah is predominately a landscape painter and having grown up on a farm near Richmond, has an ingrained appreciation and love of the surrounding rural area which she hopes is evident in her paintings. She draws her inspiration from family walks and outings before returning to her loft studio, turning the music on and submerging herself in the painting process. Sarah works predominantly in acrylic or oil paint on paper or canvas, but also enjoys experimenting with mixed media work.

Website: http://www.sarahdrought.co.uk

Instagram: @sarah.drought.art

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sarahdroughtart

Jane Spink:

Jane’s work is inspired by her personal interactions with the Northeast landscape. Brought up in Yorkshire, Jane has from an early age enjoyed walks and now ultra-running in the North Yorkshire Dales and Moors. Jane likes to escape and view the vast, often contradictory landscape keeping a painted record of the places explored. Jane is drawn to colour, as well as form and content and incorporates vibrant colours into her work.

Viewing familiar landmarks depicted in joyful colour provides as a reminder to love where you live. Not that life should be to be viewed through rose tinted glasses, but that real beauty exists in the freedoms we enjoy to explore the landscape. A landscape that is often bleak and hard, in many ways reflecting life. Jane hopes that her work serves as an occasional reminder to the viewer that the Northeast of England is truly beautiful.

Website: http://www.janespink.co.uk

Instagram: @janespink_art

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janeSpinkArt

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