Faces of New York

Saturday 29th August - Wednesday 14th October 2020


by Alan Clements

New York: People, places and textures

Alan Clements has visited New York every summer for nearly a decade. This exhibition offers a selection of the images he’s taken in New York City.

Cities are like Martinis; they can be described as shaken or stirred. A “shaken” city has been thoroughly homogenized and is the same in every direction. Go around any corner and you see exactly what you’ve already seen. New York has been lightly stirred and its ingredients haven’t been reduced to a homogeneous mass. Go around a corner in New York and you are in a different world.

New York is a city of differences and divergences. Architecture ranges from proud Victorian engineering masterpieces to sleek, shiny skyscrapers that blend in with the sky. People vary from district to district; a long walk in New York can take you through many “villages”, each with its own culture, art, food and fashion.

Alan’s exhibition celebrates New York’s remarkable diversity of people, culture and art.

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