Steerdeer Bicycle Taxidermy

Saturday 24th March - Wednesday 4th April 2018

Steerdeer Bicycle Taxidermy  - by Richard J Parvin

by Richard J Parvin

A collection of faux hunting trophies created from bicycle components and found objects.

Growing up in rural Durham, from a young age, Richard had a keen interest in nature and wildlife in particular. As a born again cyclist, forever tinkering and updating his steed, he came to realize that the ergonomic shapes of certain bicycle components lent themselves to sculpture. The faux hunting trophy or bicycle taxidermy as it has been labelled has become a way of combining these two passions, whilst recycling and repurposing worn parts and found objects destined for landfill.

The ethos being that financially and environmentally art should not cost the Earth . 

Richard himself will be here on Saturday 24th March. 

Facebook: @steerdeer

Instagram: @steerdeer


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