Ros Ridley & Martyn Arnold

Saturday 25th May - Wednesday 5th June 2019


Photography exhibition


Although Ros has had a lifelong interest in art and design, it’s only in recent years that she has found a creative outlet through her photography. Since she first picked up a camera she’s never put it down! She tries to capture the “essence” of a place, be it a lake, the sea, mountain or stormy sky. By using post-processing she tries to transfer that feeling in a way that others may also appreciate that magic moment in time.

Website Links : www.photo4me.com/profile/rosridley


With a lifelong love of the natural world, Martyn attempts to bring the outdoors indoors with his fine art landscape and nature photography. Using the captured image as a starting point, Martyn uses post-processing techniques to attempt to recreate the emotional connection with the natural world that he felt at the time. Martyn works as a lecturer and lives in Co. Durham. His photographic journey spans some 30 years and he now uses Nikon and Pentax digital cameras exclusively.

Website Links : www.paintingthelight.co.uk

TWITTER: @northantsphoto

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/englishlandscape.co.uk/

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