Of the North

Saturday 31st October - Wednesday 11th November 2020


by Rae Clarke

A painting extravaganza of all things Northern

Rae’s paintings are impressionistic to semi-abstract. With a background in interior design she brings a passion for translating the colours, contrasts, shapes and patterns of her surroundings, into the feelings that they evoke.

Strongly motivated by the horizon between the sea or land and the sky, Rae also enjoys clashes in natural plus built phenomena which produce dramatic scenes and create experiences of places that reside in our memories. The seasons, storms, clouds plus the night sky and our responses to them, are a key ongoing part of her practice too.

The sense of immediacy that Rae often creates encourages an emotional response to the work, whilst her colour palette captures a feeling of the familiar, and these components are intended to bring informality plus accessibility. Working in paints, pastels and inks, Rae is based in Saltburn Studios’ and Gallery.



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