Moving on - Stitch-in-9

Saturday 9th May - Wednesday 20th May 2020


An exhibition of textiles working in mixed media using traditional and contemporary technique.

Stitch-in-9 is a group of like minded, modern textile artists who live across the north east region and have been working together since 2000. They meet once a month in Durham to discuss upcoming events, to monitor their work progress and to support each other. Each artist works in their own style and preferred medium, ranging from beading, felting, machine and hand embroidery to the use of unusual materials - all the time trying to expand their repertoire and push the boundaries. They exhibit their work across the North-East, usually on alternate years. The intervening time giving them the opportunity to explore other avenues of inspiration for new work. The group normally takes part in a group project before each exhibition, which allows them to work collaboratively and to a larger scale. Every year they invite a visiting textile artist to lead a group workshop which keeps them up to date with a variety of techniques.


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