Manchester Academy of Fine Art

Saturday 12th August - Wednesday 6th September 2017


Beyond Boundaries

An exhibition of works by a number of elected Members of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts

‘Beyond Boundaries’ is a wonderfully mixed exhibition of recent work which showcases a wide variety of art including sculpture, painting and printmaking. This exhibition provides a splendid opportunity for the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts to introduce some of its distinguished Artist Members to a wider audience and the Platform Gallery is a very exciting venue for us to step beyond our usual exhibiting boundaries. They will be holding a  “Meet The Artists” event on the opening day, Saturday 12th August

The list of participating artists is as shown below:

Amrik Varkalis

Gerry Halpin

David Sprakes

Malcolm Taylor

John Sprakes

Jack Skinner

Andrew Kinmont

David Stanley

Mary Campbell

John McPake

Anne Genner-Crawford

Derek Boak

Kate Mckennan

Barbara Sykes

Anthony Ratcliffe

Jean Fenton

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