Kites on Display

Friday 21st July - Thursday 3rd August 2017

Kites on Display - with North East Kite Fliers

with North East Kite Fliers

The European Air Gallery is a unique collection of Edo Kites painted by European artists. The collection is now owned by North East Kite Fliers, a kite club based in the North East of England. The collection was a gift to the club in March 1998 from Sunderland City Council, who wanted these unique kites to stay in the North East.

The European Air gallery was an innovation promoted by Sunderland City Council early in 1994 when the first phase of the project was launched. The inspiration for the project came from the Hague Air Gallery in Holland where some years ago Gerard van der Loo in collaboration with Els Lubbers initiated a wonderful air gallery of Japanese Edo style kites painted by many well known Dutch artists. This original Hague Air Gallery gained an international reputation and was an inspiration to many kite makers and artists alike across the world.

Come and view this fantastic exhibition in unison with our Kite Festival event (29th-30th July), all part of our tenth birthday celebrations!



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