Confluence: Meanderings and Wanderings

Saturday 3rd October - Wednesday 14th October 2020


Rachel Morrell and Jane Wilson


Meanderings and Wonderings

Rachel Morrell and Jane Wilson have both recently graduated with an MA in Creative Practice from Leeds Arts University. In this exhibition they have joined together to share their work inspired by their explorations of the local landscape and the wonders of the natural world. Rachel creates paintings and textiles inspired by her regular walks near her home in The Dales National Park. Rachel’s work reflects her observations of colour, line and texture of rocks, rivers and farmland as she considers how man interacts with the environment. Jane also has walking at the heart of her practice, creating textile based work inspired by her walks by bodies of water from the rivers of The North Yorkshire Moors to the coast in the Outer Hebrides. She uses a range of textile processes including machine embroidery, textile sculptures and weaving to share the colours, textures and stories of the places she explores.

www.maccandtheart.co.uk  /   www.rachelmorrell.co.uk

Instagram:  @rachelmorrellart and @janeclairewilson

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