A Spot on The Wall

Saturday 21st July - Wednesday 5th September 2018

A Spot on The Wall - Back for another year!

Back for another year!

Our popular open art exhibition returns in the summer 2018. Spot on the wall showcases an ever-changing display of work from amateur and professional artists. In 2018 it will run from Saturday 21st July through to Wednesday 5th September.

We will open applications in about March of 2018 - keep an eye on our website in order not to miss your chance to be part of this exciting selling exhibition.

Artists book a spot on our wall or hire a cabinet to display their work. Places are first come first served and there is NO vetting process. As a piece of work sells, the artist can put another in (no extra cost). Throughout the exhibition there will be certain opportunities to swap work so that artists can take risks with the variety of work they show.

Costs are

75cm x 75cm Gallery Space £60

75cm x 75cm Mezzanine Space £80

Cabinet (see website for dimensions) £85

Please do not attempt to apply until we open for applications in March 2018. Often forms found online before this time are old information and only forms directly accessed from the website should be used. Any other enquiries can be directed to Thea Treweek - Gallery coordinator - gallery@thestation.co.uk

More extensive terms and conditions will be released at the time of opening applications however the basics are.....

Artists may only display one piece of work within their spot and you can book up to two 'spots'. Photography is welcome in Spot on the Wall, as are textiles and 3D hangings. All wall work must be fitted with D-rings to make hanging easy. Your picture does not have to be framed, but canvases must also be fitted with D-rings. Pictures must not measure more than 75cm x 75cm. Whilst we are all about artistic expression and freedom, we ask you to remain mindful that The Station Gallery is a family friendly venue and therefore request that your artwork not contain inappropriate or disturbing images.

The items to be placed in a cabinet will be of a 3D nature and not contain 'paintings' that could be hung on a wall. We believe less is more when it comes to display, so may not put all your 3D items out at once. We will use extras as replacements after sales. No more than 15 pieces of work should be delivered on the first date other than by prior arrangement.

In addition to your entry fee, a commission of 10% (including VAT) will be charged for each sale that you make during the exhibition. This commission will be taken off the total cost of your sales and all monies owed are paid at the end of the exhibition.

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