Curiously Still - Rae Clarke

Friday 10th June - Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Curiously Still - Rae Clarke - Mezzanine Gallery

Mezzanine Gallery

Recollections of escapes into wide-open-spaces amidst low light

Curiously Still reflects on Rae’s memories of being enveloped by low light, whilst escaping the detail of daily grinds. Great expanses of local moorland and coastlines provide antidotes from modernity, with simple views which belie how much there is to see, and feel. She finds the ever-changing light best when there’s an almost eerie quiet from murky conditions and muted glows of the sun, or shadows cast by the moon.

The exhibition references a period when her sense of time passing was acute, whilst being grounded in a peacefulness of the present was moving. Partly autobiographical in terms of Rae’s practice too, this series of works also represents an in-depth exploration of one poignant theme amidst a turbulent world. Curiously Still encapsulates the longevity of precious places and what transcends us.

Rae is a painter based at Saltburn Studios and Gallery in North East England. Her work is visceral and based on an edit of the surrounding world into colour, shape and texture. Having been an interior designer conveying mood is critical, and an earlier career with isolated communities brings a core working principle of making paintings accessible to everyone. 



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