Return of the Unicorn

Return of the Unicorn - ceramic favourite returns to The Station

ceramic favourite returns to The Station

York-based ceramicist, Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg has created another stunning smoke fired unicorn for us.

When an earlier horned-horse featured in Dales Life magazine a few months ago, it literally flew out of The Shop (although unicorns are NOT the same as Pegasus, the mythical Greek horse - do keep up).

This latest version proudly displays a solid silver horn.

The legendary beast could supposedly only be tamed by a maiden, but don't worry - we won't be asking potential purchasers any personal questions.

The unicorn (£155) joins Catherine's pigs and foxes in The Shop.

We're open 10am to 4pm (closed Wednesdays), so pop down and see the wildlife - both real and imagined.