Free Art Kits at The Station

Free Art Kits at The Station - Be inspired and 'hire' a kit this summer.

Be inspired and 'hire' a kit this summer.

Following on from the success of The Shop at The Station’s Art Relay, this Summer The Shop has launched The Art Kit Bags  - exciting bags of materials for artists of all ages to hire for a short time and add to a community sketchbook.

The idea is that any visitors coming to The Station, who may feel inspired by the converted Victorian railway station or the nearby River Swale, can borrow a bag and add to a page in the book. Retail coordinator Sue Dewhurst explains,

“The art bags contain some exciting art equipment - pastel pencils, ink brush pens, graphite pencils and more, so budding artists can have a go and see where their imagination takes them. I hope professional artists, amateur artists and people who have never considered sketching before will feel able to sit quietly and contemplate this impressive building, sketch or add a short bit of prose to the book.

This is a chance for anyone to have a bit of quiet time, sit on a bench and forget the fast pace of modern life; go ‘off grid’ even for just a short while, sketching either what is in front of them or what they imagine happened here when this was a working station. We look forward to seeing the results.”

Once full, the books will go on display.

If you would like to participate, just call into The Shop and ask to borrow one of the two kit bags for an hour or so. Bags need to be checked back in 15 minutes before closing time. The Shop, located in the entrance to The Station, Richmond, is owned by Richmondshire Building Preservation Trust, the charitable trust that preserves The Station building. If participants wish, they can put a small donation in the box on the platform which will help with ongoing conservation costs.

Finding The Station: DL10 4LD

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