Ed Tells us about...

Thursday, 29th June 2017



In an age where the norm is to locate the nearest recycle bin for your empty bottle or can, it is no surprise that the artists among us have begun to use these waste materials for more creative purposes, often saving the materials from ending up as landfill.

Recycle & Bicycle is one such artistic company that turns parts of old bikes into practical and wearable accessories such as bow ties and braces made from old inner tubes to key rings and cufflinks made from bike chains and jockey wheels. The owner of the company originally owned a bike hire shop in Krakow, Poland where she experimented with upcycling before returning to her home on the Isle of Wight. Demand was such that she changed her business model and now produces these innovative products full time. She developed a special way to treat the inner tubes to stop any odours. Such innovation is reducing the number of bikes ending up on the scrap heap.

Another company that originates from the Isle of Wight, and is also cutting edge in their recycling is Wyatt and Jack with their recycled bags! Each of their products is made from a different material with their own source and history. We at the shop are currently stocking their beach deck chair canvas bags as well as their vinyl bags which are made from deflated and redundant bouncy castles. Not only do these bags help reduce landfill but they also make a stylish change to your current 'bag for life'.

Our next upcycling artist is Evie Milo and her company Milomade specialising in turning antique silver spoons into stylish contemporary jewellery such as rings and bangles. Evie is a professional silver smith and instead of smelting the cutlery she simply heats and hammers them into shape, many of her pieces show these tiny hammer strikes.

Ultimately it can be argued that the work these companies and artists do is vital in the battle against landfill, with each piece of material that is saved and repurposed the artistic community grows by way of turning old and useless bits of scrap into things of aesthetic beauty which can be admired and purchased under one roof here at The Station Shop.