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Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Wednesday 9th October 2019

Managing Stress and Building Resilience - with Melvin Thomas & Associates

with Melvin Thomas & Associates

“Its not stress that kills us its our reaction to it”

It would seem that the only thing in the world that is stable at present is change. The 90’s and 00’s were truly decades of continuous change that transformed both our work and personal lives. The changes that rocked our governments, organisations and families were nothing short of revolutionary.

The fallout from this was devastating; increased workloads with decreased resources, job insecurity and redundancy, relationship conflicts (home and work), decreased career prospects, loss of the joy of work (and sometimes life itself) and a general feeling of lack of control.

My, isn’t it depressing! Perhaps we should all chuck it in, move to the hills, operate on the barter system and hope that the world will not catch up. But Wait!

That alternative neglects the motivations we have. People like to be involved in tasks that push them beyond themselves. People want to develop their effectiveness by taking on challenges that make demands on all their abilities and require a full commitment of their physical, emotional and creative energy. If this is the case then why are so many people experiencing burnout?

A new philosophy is required in this twenty first century. We need skills, abilities and attitudes that are remarkably different from those that have served us so well over the past 20 years or so.

This course can help!

The course is a mix of well documented research into the subject combined with practical pragmatic methods designed to help you cope with the demands that our lifestyles of today place on us.

  • Maximum of 16 people
  • Mix of theory and workshop
  • Cost £75 plus VAT

For further details and booking please contact Mel Thomas & Associates at or to discuss telephone 07957 124768

About Mel Thomas

Mel Thomas formed Mel Thomas & Associates over 25 years ago after a distinguished career in senior management in Central, Local Government and the Private Sector. He is a consultant in the field of Organisational, Management and Employee Development.

He holds an MBA, a MA in Counselling Psychology, is a qualified and practising Psychotherapist and Coach and works as an Industrial Mediator in conflict situations in organisational and community settings.

He has developed a model of Mind Development and has over the years trained numerous people in all sectors including the Police, Health Service, Private Sector, Community, Youth Work, Local Government and not for profit. He acts as a Supervisor for practicing Mediators.

With excellent communication skills, integrity and business acumen, Mel has the ability to assess complex and difficult situations quickly and calmly before adding value by providing practical and realistic solutions.

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