Wild Passions - Vicky Tucker

Friday 29th April - Wednesday 11th May 2022


Mezzanine Gallery

This will be Vicky’s second art exhibition at The Station Gallery, Richmond showcasing a mix of original paintings, prints and cards of her work to date. Her love of animals and wild places again shines through in her collection of acrylic paintings and pencil sketches. Many of the landscape pieces in Vicky’s collection are of places that she holds dear having spent time there with family and friends, or in solitude with her faithful dog. Vicky has always had a love of animals, and has established herself as an accomplished animal portrait artist over the years. More recently she has used her skills to help make a difference by producing beautiful pieces of conservation art that celebrate some of the worlds most beautiful, and endangered, wild animals. 

A percentage of sales from these pieces is donated to charities such as Explorers against Extinction - who are involved in conservation projects around the globe, and Skydog Sanctuary - who work tirelessly to raise awareness of the plight of the wild American mustangs. Conservation art is something that Vicky feels passionate about and will be the focus of her work going forward. She hopes you enjoy her work and feel inspired to help make a difference too. 

The Mezzanine is a fantastic space for Vicky to showcase her work and she can’t wait for you to see it there. 


Come and meet Vicky and see her at work during her exhibition at The Station:

Sat 30th April 10am - 3pm

Sat 7th May 10am - 3pm

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