Sue Lee - Hold The Vision

Saturday 28th August - Wednesday 8th September 2021

Sue Lee - Hold The Vision

“Hold the Vision – Trust the process” 


Working with a visual language, for the past 30 years, has given Sue an appreciation for detail and so, following on from a measured success in the stations’ ‘Spot on the Wall’ and, buoyed on by comments from people who had seen her work means that this is Sue’s first full exhibition at the Station. A step away from the day job, but the appreciation for detail is retained.

On the whole Sue is a self-taught artist, using graphite, or the humble pencil as it is more commonly called in Sue’s house, means that the depiction of reality can only be achieved through tone and contrast. The beauty of this is that the lack of colour allows the brain to ‘see’ into the depth of the picture and allows the on-looker to constantly ‘re-discover’ the picture.

Having a desire to push her boundaries however, and with the onset of the first national Lockdown, Sue decided to take a ‘leap of faith’ into the use of colour and coloured pencils. It was a comment from a well-known coloured pencil artist, Bonny Snowden, that resonated with Sue, ‘Trust the process” and, with this, a mantra was born. Trusting the process allows Sue to create coloured pencil art with the same level of detail she produces with graphite.

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