RTS Photography

Saturday 21st August - Wednesday 1st September 2021

RTS Photography

Rachel is inspired creatively by a passion for the natural world and the close bond we often share with nature. She is lucky enough to live near Richmond and close to the beautiful Yorkshire dales, where some of the inspiration comes from. However, Rachel also seeks creativeness from the coast, a place close to her heart.

Having completed ‘A’ Levels in Photography, Textiles and Geology along with a Degree in Agriculture, Rachel has returned to her first love of Photography. She enjoys capturing that ‘special moment in time’ and using digital editing techniques to enhance aspects of the image that resonate with her.

She has an eye that is drawn to pattern, texture, form, and colour within nature.

If you would like to know more about Rachel's photography, please follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or her website: www.rts-photography.co.uk 

Her photographs have inspired a sister business called Bernie & Blue where her photographs are turned in to high quality silk scarves and ties. 

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