Friday 6th May - Wednesday 8th June 2022


The Artisan Gallery

An eclectic mix of work reflecting very diverse and distinctive styles, media and sources of inspiration

EJK Collective - Eileen Anderson, Jenny Higgins and Kay Leech

Eileen Anderson enjoys representing the feel of landscape through abstract painting. She begins outside with mark-making and observation. In the studio she distills the collection of marks and thoughts into a painting with energy and movement. She loves to work intuitively and often pushes the paint around with her hands to impart life to the piece while trying to retain a loose, playful approach.



Jenny Higgins is a landscape artist who works mainly in oils and pastels, using colour and light to interpret the energy and atmosphere observed in land, sea and snow. Having moved to Cumbria and discovered Northumbria recently, much of her work is inspired by the beauty and moods of these stunning areas. Regular visits to The Isles of Scilly and, more recently The Western Isles, have provided further inspiration.

Kay Leech does not define herself as an embroiderer or a quilter – purely a mixed media textile artist enjoying the materials and processes that create an appropriate response to the subject. She enjoys experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques, often incorporating found elements and text within her work. However, her work still has a traditional grounding in patchwork, quilting and hand stitch.



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