Colours of Morocco: Sarah Dodds

Friday 11th February - Wednesday 23rd February 2022


Platform Gallery

An exhibition of drawing and stitch inspired by the art and landscapes of Morocco.

Sarah is a textile artist from County Durham and works mainly with appliqué and stitch, capturing the detail of her travels. This exhibition is the summation of three separate trips to Morocco. Inspiration for the work comes from different sources.

Sarah uses the stunning colours of the landscape, from the orange hues of the Sahara to the blue of the Atlantic Ocean and lush greens of the gardens and courtyards to capture the places visited to create memory pictures using a variety of techniques.

She explores the rich history of craftsmanship in the architecture and decoration of the buildings. Drawings capture the intricate tilework of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

As a textile artist she explores the traditional embroidery techniques employed in the different cities of Morocco including examples of work from Fez and Tétouan. Learning traditional techniques is as important to Sarah as creating new contemporary art works in understanding and recording her travels.

Sarah is a member of Interface Arts, a group of artists from County Durham who exhibit together and promote arts through workshops and outreach activities. She has a studio in Seaham and is part of the vibrant community of artists there, the Lighthouse View Artists’ Cooperative.


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