5757 Aske to Kyoto

Saturday 11th September - Wednesday 6th October 2021

5757 Aske to Kyoto - Andrew Clay & Jill Clay

Andrew Clay & Jill Clay

5757 is the exact number of miles from our house on Aske to the hotel we use in Kyoto. A passion for both places permeates every section of our lives.

Andrew’s love of photography gives him two distinct styles. The Dales are always peaceful and beautiful, whatever the weather. Despite Kyoto being a huge city, it’s easy to find that same peace and beauty.

Jill runs a tour company to, you’ve guessed it, Japan with Kyoto the base. Having taught arts and crafts for over 30 years her time is spent between Kyoto and Richmond. She also teaches Japanese arts and crafts on The Craft store on TV.

During the exhibition you can also come along and see a display of kimono and stop into the ‘pop-up’ shop on the 17th to 19th September, and try one of Jill’s workshops.

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