Volunteers' Week

Friday, 1st June 2018

Volunteers' Week - Celebrating our wonderful volunteers.

Celebrating our wonderful volunteers.

Happy Volunteers' Week! People who give their time freely to help others are amazing. We certainly couldn't manage without ours, whether they are serving on the platform, working in The Shop at The Station or running heritage tours.

So we thought we'd celebrate a few of our lovely volunteers over the next few days.

TODAY: Dave Dalton, platform volunteer.

"I'm a retired old geezer who has a long association with The Station. I was a trustee for three years during the fundraising and building phase, took a break, and became a volunteer on the information desk about four years ago.

I try to help with any (reasonable) request, and it's good to be able to answer questions, ranging from 'where's the toilet?' to 'when did the station close?'. I particularly like keeping the second-hand book stall well-stocked and tidy, and hearing the clink of coins in the donation box. Best of all is seeing the 'wow' look on the faces of first-time visitors when they come through the front door. That makes all the effort of saving the building, and keeping it going, worthwhile.

The professional staff are very supportive, and supply coffee, cake, and answers to the questions that defeat me."

Thanks for all you do, Dave. :-)