Police and Crime Commissioner's Surgery

Friday, 26th May 2017

Police and Crime Commissioner's Surgery - A confidential forum between yourself and the Commissioner

A confidential forum between yourself and the Commissioner

On Tuesday 6th June 2017,  Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan will be holding her surgery here, at The Station.

Julia holds regular, confidential surgeries where you can talk to her about her role, any policing or wider community safety issues. Surgeries are also open to police volunteers, staff and officers.

If you have a community safety or policing issue that you want to discuss with Julia, call 01423 569 562 to book your appointment.

Before you meet Julia, you will be asked a number of questions so that we can prepare in advance as necessary. It is important to note that Julia cannot herself intervene or influence a live investigation, whether about a police complaint or a criminal matter. This is because doing so could jepordise the investigation.

However, if you have a complaint against the police you wish to raise or follow up, Julia is happy to guide and support you through the process.

Surgeries are divided into 15 minute private appointments. You are welcome to bring a companion, supporter or advocate to the meeting.

Surgery dates are organised around the county on different days and at different times; you do not necessarily have to go to the surgery closest to your home, but can choose the most convenient to you.