Pick of the Pots


exquisite pottery in The Shop

The Shop is ahead of the game with collectors of ceramics and thanks to the ' Great Pottery Throw Down' customers are appreciating and understanding the techniques and trials and tribulations of 'studio-pottery' making.

With several key potters now showing in The Shop we are quickly gaining a reputation in North Yorkshire.

Potters such as Emma Louise Wilson, Jenny Morten, Sue Whimster, Catherine Boyne Whitelegg, Jo Lucksted are adding to our portfolio of clay artists which already boasts Alistair Brookes, Judith Hobbs, Aila Simpson, Isla Clay, George Ormerod, Ruth Charlton, Katy O'Neil and Rose Dickinson.

Proving enormously popular at the moment are the eggshell fine porcelain ceramics of Emma Louise Wilson and Jo Lucksted's quirky sculptures (left).

Catherine Boyne Whitelegg's Unicorns with silver horn are galloping out of here as soon as they land, and Sue Whimster's en trend Bull Terrier is a firm favourite...