Gallery Hire

Gallery Hire - We have three exhibition areas, which can be hired together, or independently of each other.

We have three exhibition areas, which can be hired together, or independently of each other.

The Station building is home to a number of individual, independent tenant businesses.  However, The Station itself operates The Shop and the gallery, with profits ploughed back into Richmondshire Building Preservation Trust; the charity which runs this stunning building.

Artists have a choice of hanging spaces.  You can choose to display your exhibition throughout the building, or in a specific area of The Station (subject to availability).

The Platform Gallery

Offering authentic stone walls, flagged floor and adjustable lighting, the platform is the busiest place in the building.

The Mezzanine Gallery

The area with the most visual impact for visitors entering the building, this gallery space offers a mix of stone and plastered walls. 

View a plan of the mezzanine gallery.

The Artisan Gallery

Modern, cream smooth walls and a stunning feature wall. 

Display cases

There are six upright glass display cases with three / four glass shelves each. There are also two horizontal cases, which are normally used for items such as jewellery or small 3D ceramics or plaques. These can be placed in any of the gallery spaces, provided they are booked with exhibition wall space.

Dimensions (cm)
Black upright lockable cases - H180, W42, D36. Shelf options at: 40, 70, 96, 125, 151 (measured from floor, 4 shelves in total)
White upright cases - H163, W37, D30. Shelf at: 45, 83.6, 123 (measured from floor)
Horizontal top opening - L89.5, H15 (of display space), W29.

The Hanging System

The hanging system is permanently in place. A flexible system is used, allowing for one, two or more pieces to be hung on the wires, with hangers added as needed. Wires and hangers are provided for the duration of any show and can be easily attached.

Art for hanging needs D-rings (or a similar system) in place to enable the hangers to attach. Two hanging cables carry a maximum weight of 40kg between them. Heavier work can be hung with triple cables.

Sculpture and furniture exhibitions

The maximum height on The Mezzanine Gallery is 2405mm. Exhibitions featuring large 3D pieces MUST be discussed with the gallery manager prior to booking.

Other events

We occasionally hold events throughout the ground floor galleries which may partially obscure work on display. As The Station is a Grade 2 listed building, there may also be building maintenance from time to time. All effort to minimise the impact on exhibitions will be taken.


There is minimal storage space at The Station. In some circumstances a room may be hired (subject to availability) to aid the hanging of work.

Booking enquiries

If you are thinking about booking gallery space with us, please get in touch.

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