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Counselling Skills

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Counselling Skills - with Melvin Thomas & Associates

with Melvin Thomas & Associates

“Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self”

True listening is a skill very rarely practiced in everyday communication. Most of us spend our time not listening, distracting ourselves in a myriad of ways from what the other is saying.

The term “active listening” refers to a fundamental set of attitudes and skills that can enable us to hear accurately and to share this understanding with the other person. If we can do this then we are well on our way to helping others to understand and help themselves.

This course is primarily designed to introduce people to these skills in the support of others. The course adopts a very practical way to learning and invites involvement and participation from participants in a series of experiential exercises.

Whether you’re a helper, parent, colleague, manager, friend, partner or an individual who maybe considering a career in Counselling this course is for you!

  • Maximum of 16 people
  • Mix of theory, workshop and role play
  • Cost £75 plus VAT

For further details and booking please contact Mel Thomas & Associates at or to discuss telephone 07957 124768

About Mel Thomas

Mel Thomas formed Mel Thomas & Associates over 25 years ago after a distinguished career in senior management in Central, Local Government and the Private Sector. He is a consultant in the field of Organisational, Management and Employee Development.

He holds an MBA, a MA in Counselling Psychology, is a qualified and practising Psychotherapist and Coach and works as an Industrial Mediator in conflict situations in organisational and community settings.

He has developed a model of Mind Development and has over the years trained numerous people in all sectors including the Police, Health Service, Private Sector, Community, Youth Work, Local Government and not for profit. He acts as a Supervisor for practicing Mediators.

With excellent communication skills, integrity and business acumen, Mel has the ability to assess complex and difficult situations quickly and calmly before adding value by providing practical and realistic solutions.

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