Louise & Rebekah Findlay

Saturday 14th April - Wednesday 25th April 2018


Spring Exhibition

Louise and Rebekah Findlay are a mother and daughter team based in North Yorkshire. They work together creating Wildlife, Botanical & Place inspired work; figurative, illustrative and abstract. Both artists are predominantly painters who like to experiment with method and materials.

Rebekah's work draws inspiration from her native North Yorkshire and love of the Outer Hebrides. Whilst most of her work focuses on land and coast, Rebekah explores less tangible aspects such as movement, sound, weather, texture and mark making. Her work has often been described as 'Folk Art', a genre which embraces a naive style, decoration and an interpretation of form and perspective.

Working also as a busy folk musician she often finds that her artwork and music develop synergistically; her artwork taking an illustrative form, working mainly from sketchbook and memories. Rebekah works in mixed media, predominantly acrylic, watercolour, pencil & collage, experimenting and exploring materials.

Louise's work includes three different genres: Landscape, Botanical and Wildlife. All are predominantly inspired by light, colour and texture portrayed in a range of media. Recently she has focused on birds and animals, and has enjoyed interpreting the fur and feathers of a variety of creatures. Colour and structure are the most important aspects of her botanical work. In some work she embraces the accuracy and detail of the botanical or wildlife subject but sometimes enjoys a more painterly approach. In her landscape work, Louise is drawn to both wild open and farmed agricultural land within Northern England and the Highlands of Scotland. Louise endeavours to convey a sense of atmosphere and the essence of place. Her work is constantly evolving and is always inspired by colour, light and texture. 

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