Fish, Bees and Doves

Saturday 30th November - Wednesday 8th January 2020


by Michelle Tripp

The Lady Chapel at Osmotherley is a favourite place for artist Michelle Tripp to draw and paint. Medieval illuminations of beehives, dovecotes and the symbolic meaning of bees, fish and birds have woven themselves into the abstracted art of this exhibition.

Digital technology and medieval illuminations have both informed the work. iPad drawing apps help Michelle develop the work; the tools used to virtually draw cross over into reality. Covering, filling, colour changes, rubbing out happen in the virtual and the real art.

About Michelle Tripp B.A. M.A. Fine art:

Michelle works in real and virtual spaces, creating large scale installation, using projection, sound and assemblage. She works with film and projection mapping.

Her work has toured Europe in group exhibitions.

W: chellyip.weebly.com //  chellyip.wix.com/michelle-cook

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