Darlington Society of Arts

Saturday 19th October - Wednesday 30th October 2019


An exhibition of art with something for everyone.

Darlington Society of Arts was established in 1922 with the objective of stimulating interest in both the creation and appreciation of art in Darlington and the surrounding area.

Although this exhibition consists mainly of paintings in various mediums, DSA members also have interests in a wide range of other craftworks such as ceramics, woodwork, decorative metalwork and computer generated art.

The membership of the society is broad, ranging from beginners who are just starting to paint to more experienced artists, prize winners and everything in between. The age range of members is also wide - from artists who are of school age to some who are still actively painting in their nineties.

Darlington Society of Arts members meet weekly in term time, Wednesday evenings at 7pm, in the Art Studio at Hummersknott School, Darlington. There are talks, demonstrations and workshops on many aspects of art and craftwork throughout the year.

Facebook: @darlingtonsocietyofarts

Website: darlingtonsoa.co.uk

Twitter: @DarlingtonSOA

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