Book Launch

Saturday 8th June 2019 @ 11:00am - 2:00pm

Book Launch - with D Mark Thompson

with D Mark Thompson

Inspired by Ronald Blythe’s ‘Akenfield’, Thompson set out to capture what was to become the last bastion of a simplicity and way of life little changed for over a century. Profusely illustrated, his fly on the wall treatment gives the characters face whilst his text – some transcribed from tape recordings of the time - give them voice. We meet the last lead miner from Greenhow Hill, an ice clad shepherd, a ninety-year-old innkeeper to the gentry, and the saviour of the Wensleydale cheese industry. Encounter a man so determined to find a lost cellar that didn’t exist he destroyed his home. Talk to a survivor of the ‘Suicide Club’ and even a Publican bared from his own bed! We discover the demise of the village shop, visit the hunt, learn of the decline of Dales Nonconformism and revel in the one lasting truth, the never-ending visual and emotional majesty that is the Yorkshire Dales.

The author will be here on the platform to meet you and sign copies of book. Castle Hill Bookshop will provide books to purchase on the day.

He will also be displaying images from the book in the Artisan Gallery.

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